Our Mission & Vision

At Sleepy Hollow Presbyterian Church, our mission is to live God’s love for all people and for the planet.  We follow Jesus by working towards his vision of a world of dignity,justice, and peace for all.  We are God’s hands and feet in the world, and by living our values, we help co-create and build the world we want all of our children to inherit.

Our mission statement includes:

Promoting Tolerance and Acceptance

Helping Those in Need


Support for Families


Encouraging Youth and Adults to Explore Their Beliefs

Providing Leadership in our Local and Global Communities

Striving to Make the World a Better Place

We have participated in the REST program (Rotating Emergency Shelter) since its inception, and now provide dinners, dignity, and hospitality for unhoused men and women monthly.Since 1997, we have sent teams of high school students led by adult volunteers to impoverished Northern Mexico to transform lives by building homes as part of our “Mexico Mission” program.    In 2014, students practiced their carpentry skills for the trip by building our raised beds in the church’s back yard, and dozens of volunteers of all ages came together to co-create and nurture our Organic Justice Garden.  In two growing seasons we have grown over 1,000 pounds of organic heirloom tomatoes for hungry children, seniors, the Food Bank, and our Farm Stand (proceeds go back to the Garden).  Our ongoing canned food drive and Cents-ability offering support the Food Bank and hunger programs. Our “Green Team” of environmental leaders educates, advocates, and works towards sustainability, and together with our Garden Team earned the Spirit of Sustainability Award in 2015 from the Interfaith Sustainable Food Collaborative.

The church is like home to our children and youth, who come here to be accepted as they are, build life-affirming values, and serve the community.  We outreach to the wider community with Yoga for teens and older folks, musical offerings, and speakers and classes on hot topics and issues that matter.  Our church is here to serve the community 7 days a week!